U.S. income tax advisor

Project consultant

US income tax advisor and certified public accountant located in Newport Beach, California.

Certified public accountant licensed in California since 1994.

Nearly 20 years specializing in:

  • Publicly traded, multistate corporations
    Extensive background in tax directorship capacity: tax-related SEC reporting for multistate and multinational corporations; US and state/local tax compliance, tax planning, structuring and oversight
  • Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, S corporations
    Tax compliance and investor reporting for pass-through entities of all sizes
  • High net worth individuals and related entities
    Tax compliance and tax planning for high net worth individuals, families, and related trusts. Analysis of portfolio investment structure for tax efficiency. Includes assistance regarding tax-effective wealth transfer.
  • Public charities, private foundations
    Tax compliance and oversight for tax exempt organizations (e.g., “501(c)(3)”); assist with donation and expenditure planning to meet ongoing exemption requirements. Private foundation tax compliance, including portfolio analysis of tax efficiency and suitability of investments for private foundation ownership.
  • Nonresident aliens (foreigners) with US-source income
    Tax structuring, planning and compliance for foreign individuals working in the US or receiving US-source income. Specialty in managing tax filings and US communications for performing artists.
  • Expatriate taxation
    Tax advisory and compliance for US individuals residing abroad. Includes maximization of foreign earned income exclusion, foreign tax credits, treaty benefits, and coordination with foreign tax filings
  • Wealth management
    Portfolio advisory, review, and allocation. Specializing in comprehensive review of portfolio with purpose of assessing appropriate composition, balance and risk profile, comparing before- and after-tax returns to peer performance, scrutinizing cost of individual investments (management/incentive fees, overhead fees), evaluating ability to meet liquidity needs and wealth transfer objectives, proposing optimizing structure.

450 Newport Center Dr, Suite 450
Newport Beach, CA 92660
+1 949 706-3862 telephone
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